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About Us

Founded on July 24th, 2006, Zarbeaahan Islamic Research Group (ZIRG) is a research oriented Yahoo group, that preaches and propogates Islamic teachings. ZIRG focuses on the basic and essential knowledge of Islam and elaborates it through the Holy Qur'an and authentic Hadith.

Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to secure the real teachings of the Holy Quran and the authentic Hadith. The secondary objective is to neutralize the false impression of Islam by elaborating and preserving the real teachings of Islam. We differentiate the reality from the deception. We stress on highlighting the ailing concepts of Muslims and non-Muslims regarding Islam. We make sure to share only the most authentic literature of Islam.

Distinctive Features

Unlike most of the Islamic websites and preaching groups of Yahoo, who:

We by the help of Allah:

Our Group Members

Currently we have more than 9300 group members from all parts of the globe. All praises are for Allah, more sisters and brothers across the globe are joining us frequently. We have group members from India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE, Gulf, Canada and other parts of the world. We thank all brothers and sisters for joining us and strengthening a truth propagating Islamic Research Group.

Group's Home Page

You are most welcome to visit our group and to join us. You can also recommend your friends and family members to join Zarbeaahan Islamic Research Group. Please click the link below to navigate to the group's home page:


By joining us you are being added to our email list and we can update you regarding any update about this website.